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Indian Wildlife Tours : Wildlife Sanctuaries in India
Wildlife Eco Tourism in India

From the splendid Himalayas to the Indo Gangetic Plains, from marvelous beaches to the Wildlife Sanctuaries / Parks, which provide opportunities to see the vast varieties of Indian Flora & Fauna in its natural habitat India the land of Geographical diversities offers excellent option for Eco Tourism.

Eco Tourism is a new concept of tourism programme which includes not only travelling to natural areas but also taking care of the existing eco system by not disturbing its integrity. It also creates economic opportunities that make conservation & protoction of natural resources advantageous to local people

Wildlife Eco Tours In India : -
Eco tours in India bring to you numerous ways to be in Mother Natures lap. There are about 80 Natural parks & 441 Sanctuaries in India where you can spend you day with friendly animals. The resource of wild animals, birds, exotic plants can be viewed and enjoyed in these eco friendly national parks. Numerous elephant safaris & jeep safaris are also arranged for wildlife viewing.

Eco Friendly Wildlife parks : -

» Bandhavgarh Wildlife Park
» Corbett National Park
» Kaziranga National Park
» Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
» Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
» Ranthambore Tiger Reserves
» Manas National Park
» Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Eco Tourism Activities In India : -

» Camping
» Elephant Safari
» Jeep Safari
» Meditation
» Ayurveda
» White Water Rafting
» Biking

Some Suggestions For Wildlife Eco Tourism : -
» Do not engage in an illegal trading of forest resource.
» Do not engage in an illegal trading of animals and animal products.
» Throw the waste products in the proper defined areas.
» Do not disturb the wildlife and the surroundings.
» Respect the local culture and tradition.
» At any, park / sanctuary, dress in sensible attires and keep quiet, the creatures are easily spooked.


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