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Indian Wildlife Tours : Wild Species In India
Wild Species In India
Wild Boar
Indian Wild BoarsThe Indian Wild Pig commonly known as the Wild Boar is the wild ancestor of the domestic Pig. Being a resilient and fast breeding animal, the wild Boar is one of the most widely distributed large mammals. They are tenacious mammals and when cornered can attack even large predators like the Leopard and Tiger.

The conflict between humans and wild Boars are not uncommon and chances of conflict are maximum when people venture into reserve forests to collect forest produce. Agricultural crop depredation by wild Boars is another problem in many parts of India. Besides agricultural crops, they cause damage to ground vegetation, orchards, forest plantations and also act as possible carriers of infectious diseases. Consequently, people have developed antagonistic attitude towards them, which is today adversely affecting the conservation efforts.

Physical Traits
The thick coat of the wild boar of India is grayish-black in color and is covered with bristle-like hair. It can grow upto a length of 6 feet and may weigh as much as 440 lb (200 kg). The features of a wild boar are quite similar to that of a pig. It has a prominent ridge of hair, which match the spine. The tail is short and straight and the snout is quite narrow.

The most noticeable as well as most distinguishing feature of the wild boars comprise of a pair of extended canines. These canines grow both upward as well as outward. Indian wild boars possess an acute sense of smell. Even their eyesight and hearing power is fairly strong.

Wild boars eat anything and everything, including nuts, berries, carrion, roots, tubers, refuse, insects, small reptiles, etc. Young deer and lambs may also form a part of their diet.

Wild boar is found inhabiting the woodlands of Central Europe, Mediterranean Region (including North Africa's Atlas Mountains) and most of Asia (including India).

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