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Sultanpur Lake National Park

Sultanpur National Park is located in Gurgaon district of Haryana is famous for bird sanctuary, about 50 km from Delhi and 15 km from Gurgaon on the Gurgaon - Sultanpur Lake National Park,Sultanpur National Park,wildlife parks in haryana,wildlife parks in india,Wildlife In India,indian wildlife,indian wildlife toursFarukh Nagar Road, Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary is famous for migratory. This park is best visited in winters when a large number of migratory birds come here. In the old map and district gazetteer of Gurgaon district, this area is shown as marshy land having a 'salt pan' where water accumulates during rains and dries out during summer.

A number of organisms like crustaceans, fish and insects thrive during floods which attract a number of birds to this area. It's sanctuary potential was first identified by an enthusiastic bird watcher, Mr. Peter Jackson. He convinced Mrs Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, of the need for giving protection to this area (Read this in Peter Jackson's own words). Keeping in view it's importance and potential, the area covering 359 acres was declared a Bird Sanctuary in 1971 and was upgraded to the status of National Park in 1991 by Haryana Government.
  • Flora
    The vegetation of this park is tropical and dry deciduous and the flora include grasses, dhok, khair, tendu, ber, jamun, acacia, and banyan tree.
  • Fauna
    The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is home to a large range of birds, both resident and migratory. Migratory geese and Siberian cranes spend the winter in Sultanpur and there are also the demoiselle cranes, ruddy shelducks, pelicans, flamingoes, bar- headed geese, grey lags, gadwalls, mallards, pochards, shovellers and teals. Local species include plovers, red-wattled lapwings, herons, cormorants, white ibises, spoonbills and painted storks. Other wildlife in the park include blackbuck, nilgai, hog deer, sambar, wild dog or dhole, caracal, wild cat, hedgehog, mongoose, striped hyena, Indian porcupine, rattle/honey badger, leopard, wild pig, and four horned antelope.
Sultanpur Lake is the point around which the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary has been developed. The lake is a picnic spot for the residents of Delhi and boating facilities are also available here. The lake has a good number of reptiles and it attracts a lot of migratory birds during winters.


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